octubre 27, 2008

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I found this on the web and it´s very interesting... i loved it i did it but not separetaly well anyways take a look a t this..

How to Use Your Patriarchal Blessing

A few weeks ago I attended a wonderful class about patriachal blessing, by Carleen Tanner. She taught how a patriarchal blessing is our own personal scriptures from the Lord and is a priceless tool that we should not hide away and never use. Sister Tanner gave some excellent tips on how to use our blessing, which I found very helpful.

  1. Make a copy of your patriarchal blessing
  2. Get three colored pens/pencils for marking
  3. Underline any words or phrases using the following key:
    • Color 1: Counsel and Warnings
    • Color 2: Descriptions about You
    • Color 3: Your Gifts and Talents
  4. On a separate piece of paper make a list for each color group of all the words/phrases you underlined
  5. Look up the words in the scriptures to understand how the Lord uses them
  6. Use the list of warnings to create goals to do what you've been counseled
  7. Put your lists and goals in your scriptures
  8. Read them every night and then "return and report" to the Lord in prayer at the end of your day

As you do this, two things will happen:

  1. You will come to know how much the Lord loves you.
  2. You will know where to go for help, and what to do each day.

Our Father loves us. He wants us to have joy and to besaved from our sins. To help us have joy and be saved He has given us the individual guidance we need through our patriarchal blessing. As we turn to the Lord,humble ourselves, and ask for His help we will be greatly blessed.

Espero ke sea useful to everyone porke para mi lo fue :D weno y psz no solo ai ke pensarlo sino ke acerlo!!

Mañana entra al ccm Rafa!! osea ke rapido y pensar ke ace dos años nos estabamos conociendo apenas ! jaja ke loco pero weno lo kiero muchio y le deseo lo mejor :D se ke hara un buen trabajo en Veracruz! exito Rafa!!

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