febrero 06, 2015

life is a dancefloor

scripture love

i am a champion and u r gonna hear me roar....

We been watching it for a while and daily, minimum 5 times, and so other's Alex videos(Emma  starts saying, this, this and points to other one) I just love the energy of this video! and Emma loves to say "oooooar" its totally what we most do everyday try harder and harder even if a lion is in our way anyways i think its going to be our anthem for a while... see the moms having so much fun singing and Alex so excited leading dancing, i don't see any part where he ain't moving at all ha ha
Anyways if you haven't seen this version check it out is so sticky and contagious with excitement...

febrero 05, 2015

So its been a long time and pretty much many good thing have been going on, Emma grows and learns so much and too fast, I been thinking on her as baby... her little cloth, her little cries and how much she needed me and know she just uses me to get what she wants.. ven, ven, ven!, that, this, oh nooo! my fufs (shoes, she can't touch the floor without shoes is a rule and she knows that she must have them on to go anywhere and asks for them, so lovely) she helps me with the dishes even when they are clean, she helps sweeping and moping the floor and so many things more, today she jump on her two feet off the floor! and got so excited and did it a lot more and ended up dancing... and she is going to turn two... where did the time go?? i love her! happy day to everyone