mayo 22, 2015

Little Blanket

so right now i cant sleep, the room is to cold,then too hot, and well... Emma just woke up crying, she was cold with daddy and wanted some milk, so she rolled unto my bed and i tried to hug her and cover her with my blanket and then she said: no, no, this... and she pointed to her "new" blanket from tia Maly and after I put it on, she was just snoring, can you believe that? the magic of love... from a blanket!? ha ha then she asked for milk and some cuddle witch i did and then, my mind started to think in this and that, and then I am here, most of the things that I was thinking were Emma's she looks so cute covered with her blanket so peaceful and all, and just thinking that in some years that blanket will be small for her and that she was so tiny and all and I just feel lucky and blessed to be at home and see you she grows and learns.

Yesterday we started with the Article of Faith 1 y empezo a repetir, We believe in God, the Eternal Father... she turns and looks at me like, what? oh i know where you going and then she stood up in front of the sign and tries to cover it with her body and opens her arms and says: NO,No more! So my pretty smart daughter knew it was work in there to learn something new, so well keep working on it, i repeated it for like ten times and when she was in the shower she did it again, she started repeating after me and then stops and says, no more! ha ha oh well tomorrow We'll say it with Daddy after scriptures and because she repeats most of the things that He says she will learn it faster.

We been going for walks from time to time and she is pretty good repeating the animals names,
 we go: elephant, she goes: elephaint
            dog                          d(ah, she thinks) woof woof
            cat                            cat, meow
            bird                          a bird
            butterfly                   fufly
            pig                            ah oik oik
            fish                           fish ( btw everytime she sees water fountain or like so she wants to find a fish on it)
            lion                           lion, roar
            cow                          cow, moo
            giraffe                      raffe

Anyways if she can say all those names she can remember what she belives in, so she can know where to go in times of trouble...

 Well, i think this is it!

Good nite, or good day? its 5 am already!
The picture below is something that she learned with her Daddy, he thought her to open her white board the other day and before she took her nap, well she had some time to open it up.

mayo 01, 2015

our cachito pie

i just can stop looking at her... she's so beautiful, so peaceful, such a miracle and a blessing, i been thinking on having a new baby, people we know around us are expecting babies and it just makes me go back and remember when our little pie was a small peace of pie her crying,(now she cries like a fake baby just to get our attention) when i diceded her clothes and pretties combinations and know she wants flowers, hearts and things that dont match so much but i am glad i have the oportunity to remember pictures can't capture what i been feeling and learning, but thank goodness for cameras everywhere... have a nice Saturday!