agosto 26, 2014

fotos y mas fotos

I see baby gilr`s pictures and it reminds me of each and every story she`s making in her life!!
The best part, im on it!

Good nite

back on the game!!

So its been 4 months from my last post! I dont use my computer that much anymore, specially after a long day, the only thing i wanna do is to rest and sleep all night, but today is diferent, i felt that i needed to do it so.

We`re being doing fine, baby girls is growing up so fast, she talks to much, laughs a lot, dance, whines pretty much to get what she wants, she sing so beautifly, huggs, kisses, sleeps, plays, and so on so forth that makes my day, the other day i was talking about a picture I have where baby girl`s asleep so peaceful, and told her that once i see her like that it gives me peace because i know that she is doing good, also is a big responsability.

I try to be more with her and less at the celphone, computer, divice distraction so i wont blame or even worst so she won`t blame at me how horrible mother i am by not being with her when she needed most, you know what i mean, even though she might not remember all her childhood but she can see later that it was good.

this is soo wierd, being back here, but i missed it too, hope to come often.
anyways need to rest.

love always

abril 25, 2014

Sad and happy at the same time??

today was a mixed day with both good and sad feelings, my mother left back to her home so when she left took some of our happiness with her, emma seem not to care, right now, we´ll see tomorrow her behavior, today she tried to call her, after i changed her diaper she yelled " awela " pretty close to the word, I just loved it, also awela helped Emma to say TEN from the word have/get it anyways love when emma does that and she knows its only for giving somebody something, ah my baby smart :) (im being very humble right?) actually today was a good day `cause she also woke up, looked around and find her jar with plastic shapes and some other toys so she reached from her bed to the bassinet and she started to play with them, that gave us a little 5 more minutes until i heard... Ten, ten, ten! then i realized it was for me totally so i woke up and started to play and see her playing she hugged cochito (a pig´s teddy) and also kissed him, i ran to get the camera and because it was low of battery and little space didnt save the videos right, anyways i have the moments in my mind and are what matters :)

well so thats the good part of the day at home, the other good thing is pathway, it started here were we live and  we are the missionaries and it had a good start, we´re going to learn a lot more with all these, and also practice more our english.and emma needs to learn how to be with other people `cause she cant be there with us and distract people...

the sad is mom leaving the afternoon it was a silent ride back to the city from the airport, it was nice to have her here even though we had some arguments from time to time, but its part of it, to little time, to much to give thanks for being here with us.

But i feel it was a good day, i feel refresh with mom`s visit and the back to school thing (even though I`m not student)

Happy, Happy, Happy

We were all looking to something in front of us and did not see to the camara... Jovitas diria mi papa!...

abril 09, 2014

Gm kiss

Uff mil sin postear algo, habíamos estado sin Internet pero bueno.
ha pasado un maravilloso año!!Emma ya tiene un añito desde qué llego a nuestras vidas y nos ha enseñado mucho también a ser pacientes en ciertas situaciones,ser amorosos siempre,a ser perseveraantes, se han dado cuenta en con perseverante es un bebé/niño para obtener algo fuera de qué lo consiga llorando o por el mismo pero emma h sido muy perseverante en las cosas qué quiere para jugar,espero qué así siga.
En fin hay mina más cosas que no ha enseñado pero estos días han sido los peores, ella nunca nos ha sido enfermiza ni nada y las ultimas dos vacunas le han dado para abajo sobre todo estas del año ha tenido seis noches sin poder dormir agusto sólo en nuestros brazos y no sentados,sí no quería qué estuviéramos parados pero bueno, el Señor se por qué hace estas cosas,hemos sido muy pacientes y tratamos de hacer lo mejor para ella. Anoche empezó el cambio,sí durmió toda l noche, pidio leche cada tres horas pero lo mejor es qué no despertó y se quedó en su cama!! Y qué creen?? Ahorita lleva 1 hora dormida, ah soy tan feliz!!
La razón del post es algo qué mundo olvidare, despertó llorando y daddy se levanto por ella la calmo y la puso en la cama para qué viniera conmigo y cuando llego me dio mi Good Morning Kiss! Javier pregunto qué por qué a el nunca le da besos!?
Ah fui tan feliz,aún no le enseñamos a dar besos formalmente pero sabe qué es un beso porque desde qué despierta hasta qué se duerme, incluso cuando está dormida la beso y beso!!! Es ahora qué entiendo por qué mi papa me daba tantos besos,es por ese inmenso amor madre/padre-hijos qué aún cuando piensas qué le has dado muchos,aún no son los suficientes para mostrar cuanto los amas!
Estoy feliz por mi cachito,mi esposo y la hermosa familia qué estamos formando!
Qué tengan un excelente miércoles.
Recuerda, cuenta tus bendiciones y verás!!