agosto 26, 2014

back on the game!!

So its been 4 months from my last post! I dont use my computer that much anymore, specially after a long day, the only thing i wanna do is to rest and sleep all night, but today is diferent, i felt that i needed to do it so.

We`re being doing fine, baby girls is growing up so fast, she talks to much, laughs a lot, dance, whines pretty much to get what she wants, she sing so beautifly, huggs, kisses, sleeps, plays, and so on so forth that makes my day, the other day i was talking about a picture I have where baby girl`s asleep so peaceful, and told her that once i see her like that it gives me peace because i know that she is doing good, also is a big responsability.

I try to be more with her and less at the celphone, computer, divice distraction so i wont blame or even worst so she won`t blame at me how horrible mother i am by not being with her when she needed most, you know what i mean, even though she might not remember all her childhood but she can see later that it was good.

this is soo wierd, being back here, but i missed it too, hope to come often.
anyways need to rest.

love always