abril 25, 2014

Sad and happy at the same time??

today was a mixed day with both good and sad feelings, my mother left back to her home so when she left took some of our happiness with her, emma seem not to care, right now, we´ll see tomorrow her behavior, today she tried to call her, after i changed her diaper she yelled " awela " pretty close to the word, I just loved it, also awela helped Emma to say TEN from the word have/get it anyways love when emma does that and she knows its only for giving somebody something, ah my baby smart :) (im being very humble right?) actually today was a good day `cause she also woke up, looked around and find her jar with plastic shapes and some other toys so she reached from her bed to the bassinet and she started to play with them, that gave us a little 5 more minutes until i heard... Ten, ten, ten! then i realized it was for me totally so i woke up and started to play and see her playing she hugged cochito (a pig´s teddy) and also kissed him, i ran to get the camera and because it was low of battery and little space didnt save the videos right, anyways i have the moments in my mind and are what matters :)

well so thats the good part of the day at home, the other good thing is pathway, it started here were we live and  we are the missionaries and it had a good start, we´re going to learn a lot more with all these, and also practice more our english.and emma needs to learn how to be with other people `cause she cant be there with us and distract people...

the sad is mom leaving the afternoon it was a silent ride back to the city from the airport, it was nice to have her here even though we had some arguments from time to time, but its part of it, to little time, to much to give thanks for being here with us.

But i feel it was a good day, i feel refresh with mom`s visit and the back to school thing (even though I`m not student)

Happy, Happy, Happy

We were all looking to something in front of us and did not see to the camara... Jovitas diria mi papa!...