junio 27, 2009

Ando sensible saben y aww nose me siento rara jaja ke nuevas no? jaja pero estoi feliz en estos momentos!! a joshy le toco en mexico la mission y ah ke chido jaja aprendera tanto :D y nose jaja

i wanna cry el saber ke aun ai ombres justos ke van a prestar servicio missional makes me feel something so special and makes my testimony stronger y mas si son closed ones u know? extraño a mis amiwos como nadie se imagina y eso me awita un buen deseo tanto verlos y el tiempo parece ke va rapido pero de repente se detiene y ace la espera de volver a verlos mas larga,los extraño y extraño convivir con ellos, comer, cenar, dormir, cantar, bailar, acer tonterias, platicar, ver partidos, caminar, estar en la escuela juntos, en las oras libres,

sadly things dont go back and everythings moving forward and the only thing u can do is hold those memories in your heart like the best treasure u´ll ever had and never let it go and making it better by sharing those moments and making stronger the friendship.

Los recuerdos nunca se iran

BdeA vivira!!

junio 25, 2009

While you loved me!

If I ever write the story of my life

Don’t be suprised if you’re where it begins

Girl, I’d have to dedicate every line on every page

To the memories we made, while you loved me

I was born the day you kissed me

And I died inside the night you left me

But I lived, oh how I lived

While you loved me

I’d start with chapter one, love innocent and young

As the morning sun on a new day

Even though I know the end, Well I’d do it all again

‘Cause I got a lifetime in, while you loved me

I was born the day you kissed me

And I died inside the night you left me

But I lived, oh how I lived

While you loved me

i was born the day you kissed me

And I died inside the night you left me

But I lived, oh how I lived

I was born the day you kissed me

And I died inside the night you left me

But I lived, oh how I lived

While you loved me.

junio 23, 2009

Las heridas que duelen no son las que se abren,
sino las que se cierran para siempre

True goodbyes are the ones

that are never said or explained.

Te cepillas los sueños;
te enjabonas el miedo;
te tallas bien la ausencia
sobre todo en algunas partes de tu cuerpo;
te secas el olvido;
peinas la confusión;
te rasuras el tiempo;
repartes ansiedades de fragancia en tu cuello;
te pones la alegría sobre los hombros;
combina bien con la melancolía .
En los labios un poco de violencia,
una sombra en la sombra de los párpados,
un entusiasmo tenue en las mejillas
y sales de tu casa dispuesta a compartir tu soledad.

junio 22, 2009

Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get, it's what you are expected to give -- which is everything.

junio 20, 2009

Fue Niña...

21!! yeah, its not that badafter all,

i mean i feel the same nothing moved

from their place so that is good.

i planned my day, but as always something

comes up and that couldnt be the exception here

so i planned to go shopping and do things like that

and ammon came so i changed everything, though

i bought what i had on mind and i was happy, elaine and i

together that was the best, but as always (lately) i been

remembering (does that word exist?) you know... him and it makes me feel wierd and a little upset, i know he´s good and he wont be thinking about me and shalala but its just like i dunno sad i miss him you know. Oh well so we picked up my mom at her school and bought some KFC :D and we ate together, elaine didnt want to sing me "tu as cumplido un año mas" because le doy pena thats what she said so.. lets believe that haha then watch enchanted snif snif hehe and then i got ready for the dance, to be sincere i didnt wanted to go, yeap i wanted to stay at home and keep watching movies and keep thinking but that wasnt nice so i went, esau and his friend came to peek me up and then went to pick up pamela and went to the stake and guess what? yeap it was empty and we were "late" can u believe it jaja but it was nice... sort of. they started to congratulate me and to hug me and kiss me some girls gave me a rose so cute ^^ there´s much crowd but we had fun i danced and also got upset at some things that are not quite clear but oh well...

Yeap that was it, after all, i usually dont get to get the best things on my bd so it was the best!!and turn 21 is the best even better :D. My dad told me some things as he always do each bd he tells something new about ours births so he said that when he went from the hospital to the house to pickup some cloth he wrote on a window "fue niña" while my mom was so worried because i was going to be thru many hard things because of being a girl... i dont know if its been hard but all i know is that it aint easy either.

Oh well so today its my 1st day with 21 so i´m going to enjoy it :D, i might go to kino, not sure about it .. hope so ! :S well umh i´ll try not to think about "ita" but i dont promise anything....

Oh yeap on the FB people congratulate me thnx to all, bianca, sissi, shelem sent me text messeges and gave me a call thnx girls love you all!! and the guys on facebook thnx thnx thnx sarahi, hna martinez, christian, mary, and so on... just to mention some...

junio 18, 2009

Tú estas aquí oigo tu voz junto a mí puedo sentir que tu calor me atrapa entre tú y yo no hay adiós tú serás mi estación serás mi corazón pura energía mi canción cuando te busco siempre estás sin pedirte, tú me das tú acompañas mi soledad a mis pies me dejas hoy la vida si me pierdo, me guías se que hay un lugar donde se tiñe de azul la verdad sé que allí me esperarás te seguiré hasta el final cuando te busco siempre estás sin pedirte, tú me das tú acompañas mi soledad a mis pies me dejas hoy la vida no me sueltes de la mano nunca más...

junio 15, 2009

Charly: That was it.
Sam: What?
Charly: In a world full of people afraid to believe in anything, it was your wide-eyed, obstinate, happily-ever-after faith - in life, in God, and in me.

junio 13, 2009

Y todo esto te servira de experiencia...

Yeap i survived from the camping!! and i have a lot of fun!, we ate, played, walked, swam, talked, run, got hurted, didn´t sleep, woke-up sooo early(5:30) and went to sleep also late (4am), so you can imagine how much i´ve sleep in this day...Ando so many more things happened that i really enjoyed and had fun with, I got sunburn on my body and it hurts soo bad, i dont think i´ll b eable to sleep again even though i got home toke a shower and fell asleep but the pain is coming so bad so... good thing i did it just right when i got home.. anyways we got there at 8pm or so and did our tent but the wind was blowing soo strong that almost went away but we got boys help ^^ so what a relief.
We walked by the sea and talked and took so many pics jaja yeap nothing to do... music was on, food and talking couldnt stop!! hehe. I went to bed at 4:07 to be exact and woke up about 5:30 but felt like nothing!! we had a nice devotional I was asked to talk ant was totally IN
BLANCk on what to say so the spirit helped me to talk to the guys and felt the spirit... and helped me to realize the importance of Eternal Families and how it just begins in one place, The holy House, The Temple and made my testimony stronger... :D
We watched the kids playing "tochito" and we had so much fun and also we were very nervious because of how rude it was but everything ok hehe, later we played soccer with the kids and my team won (i belive :S) and was hilarious then of course SEA time i felt so strange but anyways i was there... and we ate carne asada and also played with the kayaks with some boys.
After food everyone started to clean up and get everything ready to leave and so we sadly did :(.

The Lord was with us and blessed us so much even though we had some things in there but as i said He was with us and we got home Whole.
This, was another experience in my life, of course I learned another things that i must work on with the time.I´m thankful for this Gospel and this Organization and specially for the Institute that is a guide and support in my life.
My skin will hurt but it will be only for a moment.

junio 08, 2009

Queda prohibido no buscar tu felicidad,
no vivir tu vida con una actitud positiva,
no pensar en que podemos ser mejores,
no sentir que sin ti este mundo no sería igual.

-Pablo Neruda-

junio 05, 2009


Never had an ordinary day
Never lived your life in an ordinary way
For everything you loved you paid a price
But you couldn’t let the world see you cry
Never had a moment of peace
Never felt the sunlight
When the worries set you free
Every time your life turned a page
It seemed like your heart might break
With the world on your shoulders
When the nights had grown colder
You seemed to weather every storm
With a queen’s grace
When you lost your husband
When you buried your children
I’m sure the angels stood in reverence as you prayed
much can on heart take
Never had a day to call your own
When so many needed your warm heart as a home
Whispering a mother’s lullaby
As you sat alone by the fire
And I’m sure your heart breaks, when some people still say
Somewhere down the line you lost your faith
How much can one heart take
How much can one heart take

junio 02, 2009

Los sueños son la meta 
y la imaginación el transporte... 
la realidad, el punto de partida...