junio 20, 2009

Fue Niña...

21!! yeah, its not that badafter all,

i mean i feel the same nothing moved

from their place so that is good.

i planned my day, but as always something

comes up and that couldnt be the exception here

so i planned to go shopping and do things like that

and ammon came so i changed everything, though

i bought what i had on mind and i was happy, elaine and i

together that was the best, but as always (lately) i been

remembering (does that word exist?) you know... him and it makes me feel wierd and a little upset, i know he´s good and he wont be thinking about me and shalala but its just like i dunno sad i miss him you know. Oh well so we picked up my mom at her school and bought some KFC :D and we ate together, elaine didnt want to sing me "tu as cumplido un año mas" because le doy pena thats what she said so.. lets believe that haha then watch enchanted snif snif hehe and then i got ready for the dance, to be sincere i didnt wanted to go, yeap i wanted to stay at home and keep watching movies and keep thinking but that wasnt nice so i went, esau and his friend came to peek me up and then went to pick up pamela and went to the stake and guess what? yeap it was empty and we were "late" can u believe it jaja but it was nice... sort of. they started to congratulate me and to hug me and kiss me some girls gave me a rose so cute ^^ there´s much crowd but we had fun i danced and also got upset at some things that are not quite clear but oh well...

Yeap that was it, after all, i usually dont get to get the best things on my bd so it was the best!!and turn 21 is the best even better :D. My dad told me some things as he always do each bd he tells something new about ours births so he said that when he went from the hospital to the house to pickup some cloth he wrote on a window "fue niña" while my mom was so worried because i was going to be thru many hard things because of being a girl... i dont know if its been hard but all i know is that it aint easy either.

Oh well so today its my 1st day with 21 so i´m going to enjoy it :D, i might go to kino, not sure about it .. hope so ! :S well umh i´ll try not to think about "ita" but i dont promise anything....

Oh yeap on the FB people congratulate me thnx to all, bianca, sissi, shelem sent me text messeges and gave me a call thnx girls love you all!! and the guys on facebook thnx thnx thnx sarahi, hna martinez, christian, mary, and so on... just to mention some...