agosto 31, 2009

at skul and doing some homework that i should do at the weekend :S and my class starts in 20 minutes :D

cheer up!!


agosto 29, 2009

Back to

Back to reality, back to skul, and back to hermosillo, and feel wierd totally wierd and different i think all this changes made me think about everything, we´ll see!!

miss mi duda and mi pa´s
so confussed with

6 months seems to be eternal!!

Los recuerdos nunca se iran
BdeA vivira

agosto 22, 2009


Bueno its been a crazy summer since... uhm well since it started so its long story and long thing ´cause its ending but to tell you the truth everything has been so good and exciting, aunke tuve mis super bajas but still "despues de la tormenta siempre viene la calma" so im enjoying my calma, but its late its 11:39 pm and tomorrow its sunday, i need to get some sleep and also want to watch a movie with my sista... so
i hope to write all my adventures soon.

today i went to the temple and saw ryan as missionary so cute ^^, also saw moroni muñoz at C.V. and kinda met Mahonri, nice day.

I love to see the temple.
I’m going there someday!!!
“My idea of superwoman is someone who scrubs her own floors.”
―Bette Midler

agosto 03, 2009


Over the past year,
I've learned so much about love & life.
Even if I could, I would never
take back all the things I've done
that brought me here, to this moment.