abril 05, 2016

Fix the blue

So since our trip to chihuas, emma has more energy every day, she loves to go to the park, 2, 3, times a day, love to run back and forth on the hall, playing with tha chairs "train" and so on... she now hides things so i ¨dont ¨know¨ what she`s been doing but always i know she does it, her new frase is: "daddy took it",
me: emma do you know where is the lid?, do you know where are the books, celphone, you get the idea....
her: i dunno mom, daddy took it!! and then she runs out to look for it and brings it to me (haha, gotcha emma)

while I do laundry, she helps me with the soap and plays with the foam in the laundry machine and adds the softener but today was something different, we finish adding everything and then the bed sheet, while i was putting everything away i just heard her saying: bye mom!! so i returned a bye emma back, then thought mmm why did she leave, and saw the softener on the sink and her little voice said: fix the blue mom!! obviously i called her back and told her not to hide or run away when she does something wrong, she has to tell me so we together can fix it, i hope she learned the lesson, at least i did.

have a great april, everyone.

febrero 13, 2016

dont forget...

So now i am a new teacher in sunday school for the youth in ¨Come follow me¨program, it has been a blessing and hope it can be a big learning for them and so they can love the gospel and practice it in their lives.

last sunday emma and i were making some cookie dough and we had it with colors and all, once we finished coloring them, Mi cachito said: mom, prayer?? Padre Celestial, Jesucristo, Amen... so i started my lecture, you need to give thanks first for all you have, then ask for blessings or to bless the things we have, ok? do you understand? to be honest it was like I am teching you but its ok you still have time to practice but to my ¨knowladge¨ she started to offer the prayer again, Padre Celestial, thanks for cookie, for colors, bless food Jesuschrist, amen! i almost cry at that moment, she totally listen to me even though we were just playing i know, they are smartter than what we think they are, but still its what and when they teach us that makes us be amazed and happy.

so dont forget people, lets give thanks and ask for blessings... and he hears us! About that, well i´ll tell you later...