junio 13, 2009

Y todo esto te servira de experiencia...

Yeap i survived from the camping!! and i have a lot of fun!, we ate, played, walked, swam, talked, run, got hurted, didn´t sleep, woke-up sooo early(5:30) and went to sleep also late (4am), so you can imagine how much i´ve sleep in this day...Ando so many more things happened that i really enjoyed and had fun with, I got sunburn on my body and it hurts soo bad, i dont think i´ll b eable to sleep again even though i got home toke a shower and fell asleep but the pain is coming so bad so... good thing i did it just right when i got home.. anyways we got there at 8pm or so and did our tent but the wind was blowing soo strong that almost went away but we got boys help ^^ so what a relief.
We walked by the sea and talked and took so many pics jaja yeap nothing to do... music was on, food and talking couldnt stop!! hehe. I went to bed at 4:07 to be exact and woke up about 5:30 but felt like nothing!! we had a nice devotional I was asked to talk ant was totally IN
BLANCk on what to say so the spirit helped me to talk to the guys and felt the spirit... and helped me to realize the importance of Eternal Families and how it just begins in one place, The holy House, The Temple and made my testimony stronger... :D
We watched the kids playing "tochito" and we had so much fun and also we were very nervious because of how rude it was but everything ok hehe, later we played soccer with the kids and my team won (i belive :S) and was hilarious then of course SEA time i felt so strange but anyways i was there... and we ate carne asada and also played with the kayaks with some boys.
After food everyone started to clean up and get everything ready to leave and so we sadly did :(.

The Lord was with us and blessed us so much even though we had some things in there but as i said He was with us and we got home Whole.
This, was another experience in my life, of course I learned another things that i must work on with the time.I´m thankful for this Gospel and this Organization and specially for the Institute that is a guide and support in my life.
My skin will hurt but it will be only for a moment.