marzo 03, 2011

Things that i didnt know & want u to know too...

Estaba leyendo mi correo y vi este de LDSMediaTalk sobre la tecnologia en la iglesia y sobre el articulo que vieronen Deseret News...“Top LDS News Stories of 2010.” (I know, it’s old news, but this story is interesting nonetheless.) # 7 on their list summarized how the Church used the Internet and new technology to reach a wider audience in 2010. They mentioned the following:
*The launch in January of a new website for LDS youth (
*, a new church online shopping site, opened for business in September, replacing the old LDS Catalog.
*A new handbook for leaders was released and made accessible for members online. (If you haven’t read it, I encourage you to read the first few chapters that outline the purpose of the Church, the priesthood, and leadership, and their relationship to the family. You can find the handbook in the Serving in the Church section of Or click here.)
* was improved.
*Church websites and were redesigned and launched.
*A new website called was created.
*Elder Quentin L. Cook became likely the first apostle to post a blog. (cool esta en nuestro bando Bloggista :P )
*Missionaries in Rochester, N.Y., started a pilot project online to do missionary work in cyberspace.