noviembre 23, 2010

Frosted Sugar Cookie

Tome un test de ke galleta soi y resulto esto...
si ubiera salido ke soi una galleta amarga jaja dudo muchio ke lo aia puesto jaja pero i like this results... what do u think?

You are most like a Frosted Sugar Cookie
Joy to the world! You're a frosted sugar cookie. You're cheerful, sweet, and easygoing, but most of all, fun, fun, fun. You're creative and colorful, and you like to brighten people's days with humor and surprises. You have a knack for making the mundane seem like a blast. People like to hang with you, and you're happy to oblige, that's why you keep your cucina stocked with treats for entertaining. Frosted sugar cookies are one of your faves.

Sugar Cookie recepie