agosto 16, 2010

Cosas buenas que vendrán

NO te des por vencido, sigue caminando, sigue tratando, habra AYUDA y FELICIDAD mas adelante, algunas bendiciones llegan prOnto, otras taRdaran Mas y oTras llegan en el FinaL TODO estara bn, CONFIEN en DIOS Y CREAN en las cosas buenas ke vendran...

Elder Jeffrey R. hOLAND

Wow enserio necesitan ver el video its pretty touchy and it just got in the right moment for me, yes, again i felt alone, and little blue after this video everything has change i mean its not magical its just something that u already know and sometimes its necessary to be repeated so it can get in ur mind and remember the importance u are in this life, LIFE is marvelous and specially if u know the gospel, i know its very important to remember that Our Heavenly Father is ALWAYS there in every situation ur going trough no matter how bad it is He´ll be there for us and thats because he loves us soo bad and Im thankful for that and for his trust.

I belive Jesus is my Savior and my Big Brother so I can trust in him everytime i need him and he loves me so much because he has done a lot for me, I say this in his name Amen.