octubre 19, 2011

Completamente e estado en esta misma situacion!! jaja

Bailey Tallet: No, listen. Charlie, there is a guy with real money who wants to buy this place
Charlie Kenton: Come on! Like you really gonna sell your dad's gym?
Bailey Tallet: If you don't make rent, I can't make payments and I won't have a choice.
Charlie Kenton: You're father will climb out of his grave and kick your ass if you sell this place.
Bailey Tallet: No, my father would climb out of this grave and kick your ass!
Charlie Kenton: Bailey. [he stares at her]
Bailey Tallet: Don't.
Charlie Kenton: Don't what?
Bailey Tallet: Don't do that. That! [she turns her face from him]
Charlie Kenton: Hey. Don't what?

Bailey Tallet: Don't do that thing.
Charlie Kenton: Oh, you like that thing?
Bailey Tallet: No.
Charlie Kenton: Yeah.
Bailey Tallet: No. No, I don't like that thing. I used to once, briefly. Now I like money more.
Charlie Kenton: I don't believe you.
Bailey Tallet: I don't care.