noviembre 27, 2009

Another friday

weLl, oi psz fue free time and i loved it!!first i woke up early, yeah i know oie es mi dia de desknzo en el trabajo y no tuve clases en la skuela pero me levante temprano ajja pero weno....fue nice though, i read my scriptrsz and had a lot of thought, did my nails ^^ pretty red :D and got ready for the beginning of this day, so i went to skul, to do some arrangment for a class and then went to the centro and started my "shopping" status.. so i watched candies (bought candycanes ^^), bought a blet, a necklace :D (purple one) payed telephone ¬¬ that is not very enjoyable jaja aunke psz si lo es cuandoo stoi en interntet so its worth it jeje, then batiz me alcanzo fuimos a ver mas accesoritos :D y compre aretiouxes de strellitas bn lindos ^^ staban en oferta!! jaja speramos a claudia y de ai ... seguimos viendo mas :D jaja vimos tennis shoes (i need new ones so urgently!!) anyways we were just watchin the time ´cause we supposed to be at institute´s house to get all the christmas thing on so... before leaving i bought a black/silver tshirt sooo cool!! i loved it and obvio no podia leave it there i had to take it home with me... so la compre and then esperamos en instituto °° asta ke iego el Hno Duran (kleb´s dad ^^, nos dijo ke ia regresa el Lunes!!! ke chido!! juju :P)so entramos y a acer candy canes jiji icimos un buen jaja pero kedaron bn chidos jaja la platica a todo lo ke daba jaja mui buena jaja ... so el tiempo otra veszz nos comia y nos fuimos de ai ... sin aber puesto arbolito!! osea :( ia lo tiraron ¬¬ pero weno pusimos lucesitas de colores en las scaleras porke las de cascada stan rotas!!wrr... porke la gente es asi? pero weno...iegue a la ksa y jugue y brinke con los niños jiji triste tatago me sigue diciendo abuelo y abuela ¬¬ asta papa me dice wrrr... ajja esto es la guerra santiago jaja ... elaine sta re lokis jjej psz nos pusimos a brincar jaja y andabamos de lokitos los 3 en el cuarto jeje... despues comida y run a insituto jaja ke cuando iegue todo bn no avia nadie so no iegue tarde :D jeje ia platicamos todos y ia cuando abiamos algunos psz di la clase :$, to tell u the truth, i didnt know what to say and i was thinkin the whole day and kinda week what i could give to then but there i knew what to talk about... so i kinda talked about gifts given by God so we had an activity and everyone had a paper with their name and someone had to write something good about that ppl so it was fun thinkin on something good for people some of them i know much some of them not, but i see something on them, my list said...
from top to bottom
linda persona :$
servicial (ayudadora)
risueña (no se cuando me vieron asi, pro ke miedo jaja si vieron ke me reia muchio :P)
chistosa (porke :?)
alegre y mui espiritual
espiritual (yeah, like the third time)
espiritual (4th huge pink letters)
prima shula ^^ (from Sem obvio he´s my only cousin)
Organizada (nose ke an visto de mi o como me an visto : pero creo ke si soi mmuuui organizada :S)
amigable (fer´s)
aguanta la carrilla (fer me dijo ke se acordo despues de scribir amigable eso so we wrote it )
lee la biblia (have no idea kien lo izo ¬¬ jaja )
this one, i saw it on my way home and made me think, who thinks i´m that, u know someboy saw something on me that made them think like that and made me feel special, nose si lo izo en vdd o solo to write something pro that really touched me so i´ll try to be a little more valient :*
so we had fun we talked and then...
Sem started to play the piano.. yeah all memories came to me!!! I just remembered being en la sala de musica listening He´s playing over and over, all the songs that i loved and the ones he wanted to play for me, i cryed!! maybe not with tears in my eyes but in my heart for those amazing memories, love being there and being with Him ^^. hope he´s alright.
so got home and startet to write on my blog.. listening to my favorite band.
i will love you more than that (8)