octubre 11, 2009

Well today has been a good day, first and most important, because its sunday and sacraments time, i love sacrament meetings specially for the hymns, they´re so special, they makes me feel closer to our Heavenly Father and Jesus, i just love it!i spent my whole time at Pineda´s house, we ate soo good, thnx for sharing ur food with me :D, then we watched some Chicago pictures and then everybody fall asleep except for betty and me we´re talkin and talkin and talkin u know about everything and nothing at the same time... so it was pretty much our afternoon...i miss my family, i miss them so much, and i wish i could be with them, but i´m givin my best so i can see them again!.

Well, yesterday was Kmachio´s bday!, he´s 20 already congratulations friend! u know i love you mil8mil9mil10mil and more...

mañana desknzo wuuu