septiembre 01, 2009

loose water...

Well i thought i would have more time to blog in here and it seems i cant school its busy and i cant do it at home but anyways right now its time! so i must make the most right now soo... well skul`s been ok and i been very busy during classes and after that times goes by so slow!! like i can count the minutes :S but i`m having fun, i`ve been doin some earings, things that i learned at the relief society classes las month, its cool and very relaxing, u know being lonely makes me miss my mom and my dad, i didnt see them all the time because of me being at skul til nite and `cause the "job" but its just totally diferent another thing, i also miss mi sista like this much! and well i hope to see her more often! :D well time`s up and i must go to class, bytheway i couldnt find my taller de investigacion class there was no teacher there :S and no nothing :( and i looked for the cordinador and he was gone also wrrr makes me mad!! juju not really but just to say jeje.

i miss somebody like i never thought i could miss
(jaja ke panchera no?)

Los Recuerdos Nunca Se Iran
BdeA, BdeA vivira!!!

aier vi la movie de get smart jiji soo much fun watch it!