septiembre 18, 2009

De regreso a las andadas xD del blog

Its Been A Lot Since Las Time But Here I Am And I Really Do Think About The Blog Its Just Sometimes I`M A Little Lazy To Do It :P But Here I Am :D I Wish This Could Write What`S On Your Mind And Makes Al L So Easy :D But It Doesnt So... Here Im Typing My Life... So Well I Went To Mexico City Yay!! I Made It!! And Was Soo Fast But At The Same Time Sooo Cool!! Totally, I Missed My Sister So I Saw Her :D Saw Tia Nelly And Her Beautiful Way Of Talkin To Everyone Jaja, Saw Ryan!!! My Best Friend With His Backpack, His White Shirt And Tie Xd As Missionary, Totally Another Way!, But After 3 Years Was The Most Excited Moment Of Rejoin ^^ My Sister And I Spend Almost 3 Years Together And We Talked And Talked And Kept Talkin About Every Single Thing That Came To Our Mind! So Nice And I Just Remember That And I Feel Younger Jaja, Then My Trip Back "Home" Was Fun, Fast And A Made Me Think A Little About My Life And What I´Ve Done With It :P, I´M Not That Bad Let Me Tell You, There Is Only One "Thing"(Or Person) Missin But At The Right Moment Will Come, I Enjoyed My Arrived Cause Didnt Go To Skul And Spent Time With My Elainita Y Santiaguito :D So Funny And They Make Me Go Crazy And Sooo Tired Haha But I Love Them Santiago Talks A Little Bit More And Elaine Is A Little Bit More Crazy Juju I Dont Know From Where She Learns Crazy Things, I Felt Like A Bug In A Place That Was No Longer My Home There Was No Mom And Dad At Home Everytime I Arrived Home, Something Was Missin And I Knew What Was It But I Was Trying To Be As Strong As I Could Be, U Know Sometimes U Think Everything Will Be Alright And Everything Will Be For A Little Moment Then Your Time Goes Soo Slow That U Star To Miss That Special Thing, I Started To Miss My Mom And Our Talks Haha About When I Was Going To Get Married And How I Should Do More Cookin And So Many Others And My Dad Always Tryin To Fix Something Even Though It Has Nothin! Oh Man This Is Been The Hardest Thing Ever! After A While I Realized That I Was Tryin To Hide What Was Goin On Sleepin Mostly After School And Until 7 O 8 Pm Dinner And Then Back To Sleep, I Was So Sad And There Was No One To Talk About My Feelings, Not Like The Way I´D Like To, I Started To Wake Up And Do Something For Me And For Everything Around, I Stared To Take Some Job Application And Nothing Came Out, Suddenly That Thing Happened And Just When I Felt Down And With No Hope, The Lord Showed Me That I Must Endure Till The End And I´Ll Be Able To See The Marvelous Way The Lord Works, I Felt Bad And I Recognized His Hand And His Love To Me And How He Was Teachin Me That The Things Are Not As Magic Just When We Want To, It Takes Time, It Takes Patience, And Specially Humility.Monday I Didnt Expect That Calling From Peter Piper Pizza, We Made A Date For Next Day So.. I Thought About It And At The Interview They Asked Me About My School Schedule And They Told Me To Go From 2:30 To 6:30, That I Will Be On Charge Of The Events, Parties, Or Whatever U Call It!! Soo Excited!! I Loved It!! And Will Be At Good Hours And Also I’ll Have Sunday Free!! So What Else Could I Asked For?:P I Thanked The Lord And Recognized He Knew Me And Knew The Best Thing For Me And When And Where Was The Right Moment. Tomorrow Will Be My First Day (Yay) And I´Ll Tell U How It Goes...

Quiza... mis ruegos oira...
tal vez, me contestara,
su tiempo el me ofrecera!
Con sus promesas el cumple ya veras
como un padre a su hijo el te oira
la verdad mostrara
lo a prometido lo hara
me contesto!! contestara!! ^^
me contesto!! contestara!! ^^
uuuuu uu