mayo 12, 2009

Vaia ke aier tuve un dia pesado first my dad woke me up ¬¬ i me espanto me dijo lm necesito ke agas algo!! and i was like :O thnx for make me notice that ogh i got so mad so anyways he made me think and feel bad about it so i got to get up, i started to do my homework, ke con todo esto de la influenza no ice nada y ia se me junto toda para ahora so... me la pase aciendo presentaciones para exposiciones, buscando informacion, aciendo resumenes, viendo en libros, etc, etc. Total ke no pude terminar una presentacion de mercadotecnia porke el libro ke sake no venia nada so... :S me espere asta ir a la skul y sacar el libro so... acia otra de derechio and guess what? yeap it was wrong grrh me dio tanto coraje y lo peor es de ke aun tenia ke arreglarme para ir a la escuela medio desayunar e irme a la skuela so...mer arregle y todo mi papa iego y le pregunte por el programa y ke me dice si lo tengo y io wuu!! asi podre acer mi tarea y ia viene ai todo explicado bn fiuf!, pero cuando va abriendo todo ke vemos 97 diapositivas en power point, can u believe that? so i wasnt to talk about all those 97 so i had to summerize it so :S no nice i got to do it after skul so went to skul got the books (heavy ones, soo thick)anyways i got to my classroom and a girl there informed me about everything that had happen because since spring break i haven´t be there so i was sooo lost on that class anyways she said emm we have a test and i was like :O no please what is it about? and she said: equipos de trabajo! and then came to my mind oh no i presented this last time i took the class and i failed on the test so i got nervous, so this girl gave me her papers and started to read and read it all over again hehe algo se me tenia ke pegar no? so the profe got there and gave us a paper mostly white so yeap it was no multiple choice!! so think and remember :S so i did try and lets see what happens i got out and left home and did my presentacion de mkt and started the one on seguridad social, i finished it and wanted to print and because this wasn't my day yea that happened!! didn´t print at all!! i did soo many things and got late at my math class my dad drove me there and just heard the last 10 min but i had to give him my last exam about amortizaciones so... then everybody started to ask me about some homework that i haven't done and stressed me out!! so i left turned the books into the library and got looking for a proyector and got no results so i looked for a teacher and talked and gave me hope to present for today so i talked to my mkt teach and she said its all right :D (soo today i´ll do it, but i have no laptop at all :S and hector my teacher will go to see me expose)anyways the next hour was going to be my other presentation so i talked to the teacher also and said well nobody is going to talk here infront then everybody is going to do exam about it so i got so mad and gave some options happyly and hopefully i´ll give mine next Thursday without teacher but will be better!!, so we were just talking on the classroom and my dad talked to me and said he was just installing the printer so i was like emm too late dad i´m almost out but remembered i had no money to return home i forgot to bring and told him that so he said i´ll go pick u up what time do u leave and i told him that ya estaba terminando la clase so he said aorita boy and i waited and waited had no money on my cellphone either so couldnt talk to him to tell him that i found money and i could take the bus if they aren't on their way but nothing! so i decided to pick up the bus and got down so fast and then my dad called me and said that he was at the skul!!! oh i knew that was going to happen so i got mad, sad, and angry at the same time :( walked home and sit to think and cry out all this, entonces llegaron mis papas y me dijeron que se quedaron sin gas on the boulevard so i felt bad about it too and i got home see the printer and printed my work and guess what? was so small everything and unclear so... i have to do it again :( but hope to make it better and have a better day, the good thing about yesterday was:
bianca was there to help me out and cheer me out
the FHE
my parents support and patience
and that i could have another chance

so today´s a new day and new perspective!! and i found this pic and brought me good memories and gave me strength so here it is, this was on my first stake conference on mesa good experience and good learning and reaching to Heavenly Father.