octubre 29, 2015


So I started to get obssesed with Grey's Anatomy people, three weeks ago and now I read, speak, dream and "think" goes around that show? Why?? Because I let it happened ha ha... When I started never thought this could happen, I am in season 5 after week 3? And if I were single and with "time" and skipping sleep I would be close to end it, but I am not that anymore, any how I think we (women) watch it because of the McBoys specially McDreamy, I was thinking if a man like him would exist, handsome, cute, sensitive, smart, then one night my husband and I were so into what was happening that we watch it until 12 (I know it's not that late, but that's not the point anyways) when we decided to go to bed and sleep we started to get ready, you know brush teeth, and all that and then I saw him, my husband and I started to cry! He exists! It's not McDreamy its McHusband my McHusband and I realized that besides the drama and all that comes in there it helped me realized that I have a great man as Meredith I do and because of the routine we forget what we have, its not that I stopped loving him or anything like that it was more like a flashback knowing that I don't need anybody else but my McHusband my true love and only.