julio 03, 2009

Esta semana a sido un poco emm vacacional!! jaja first dad went to mexico so that makes mom and me more free to do somethings that dad doesnt like at all juju, Monday me, myself and i at home i guess actually i barly remember!!! : oh well next... martes... emm bueno creo ke no pasaron cosas relevantes.. no ke io recuerde...miercoles mi mom y io fuimos al centro a cobrar su cheke a em ver, caminar, cansarnos, ver, caminar, cansarnos jeje compramos un cute cute necklace y some sandals (i really needed a new style) so we kept walking and trying everything and u know mom-daugther time... soo cool!!, then went to the chapel to be at evelyn´s baptism was a nice thing, it made me remember mine :D, thursday time to clean!! yeap we cleaned all things we have packed and clothes and u know get out everything u dont use...and this is useless and all that ... and missionaries came to eat and then we went for a walk we got to our last ward and visit a family then came home and watched for my first time "Pride&Prejudice" so nice movie, i didnt cry though, had some wierds dreams woke up at 5:45am and then ´till 8am when Ammon iamo para ke podamos cuidarle a los niños so they came (oi Viernes) and played a little and then fell asleep vimos Mulan... se durmieron profundamente (gladly) pobresitos stan bn enfermitos de gripa... pero bueno llego ammon con Gris y comimos juntos y se fueron snif snif, claro i wanted mi time so was ok, i guess so.

Shelem is ok, and my dad too so that makes me happy